Auditing API
Auditing API

Understanding URL structures

This section will help developers understand how URL references in the structure works
When you see open braces followed by qoutation marks it means you need to replace the entire section with the value that you have been provided or a value you need to provide
For the Main URL that Sybrin provided it will be {'URL'}
For license keys it will be {'License'}
For authentication tokens it will be {'Authorization'}
For Entity types it will be {'Entity'}
For From date it will be{'FromDate'}
For End date it will be {'EndDate'}
For a property on the entity it will be {'Property'}
For a comparison operator it will be {'ComparisonOperator'}
For a value to run the comparison operator against it will be {'Value'}
For a actual space value to leave an actual space in the URL will be ' '
When discussing examples we will be using braces to display values that are unique and that you will need to provide yourself as the developer.
When calling a get request the documentation URL will look like this
{'URL'}/odata/{'Entity'}/$Filter={'Property'}' '{'ComparisonOperator'}' '{'Value'}
Will turn into
https://LocalHost/odata/Audits/$Filter='CorrelationID' eq "Android3323"
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