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Failed to build module from its module interface

This issue is caused by the ML Kit dependency not having module stability. To workaround this problem (permanent fix pending), you can simply delete the import MLKit statement from the .swiftinterface file.

All Sybrin iOS SDKs have module stability and are forwards compatible with swift versions!

What do the version numbers mean?

The Sybrin Biometrics iOS SDK uses semantic versioning. Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH e.g. 1.0.0:

  • The MAJOR version will increment when incompatible API changes are made.

  • The MINOR version will increment when functionality is added, in a backwards compatible manner.

  • The PATCH version will increment when backwards compatible bug fixes are made.

For more information on semantic versioning visit https://semver.org

Which orientations are supported by the SDK?

The Sybrin Biometrics iOS SDK is only intended to be used in portrait mode.

Can I run the SDK's on a simulator?

The SDK's are unable to build to simulators due to the architectural differences in real devices and simulators. We do however have a work around that might help. Refer to the video below:

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