Validation & Verification


Within the Sybrin Identity SDK there are some validation and verification algorithms we have in place to ensure that the document that is being scanned is real.

When it comes to documents that have multiple components that need to be scanned (like the front and back), we validate and verify some values between those components to ensure that they are of the same document; This is known as component verification.

Check digit validation

A check digit is a numerical value produced by applying an algorithm to a specific piece of text. The check digit is used to ensure that the text was not altered or misread in any way. Each unique text will produce a unique check digit.

Check digits are predominantly used in the verification of data on MRZ lines, Identity Numbers, etc.

To see which verification is used on a specific document, please refer to the API references.

There are various algorithms used to produce a check digit. For more information please visit

Component verification

How it works

To ensure that the different components of the scanned document are of the same document, we gather information from each, and compare them holistically to the others.

Because each document is unique the process of verification has to be unique as well. Please refer to the specific document in the API references to see what information is being verified on that document.

Visual Explanation

To see the component verification for a specific document, refer to the API reference.


For a more in depth explanation we have added an existing example of how the verification system works.

reference: KenyaIDCardModel

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