Feature list

Check NameDescription

Metadata Checks

Determines whether the input image has been manipulated in any way by examining its metadata i.e., the properties of the image.

Grayscale Verification

Checks whether the input image is grayscale (or appears to be grayscale).

Photocopy/Scan Detection

Determines whether the ID in input image is real (live), or has been scanned or photocopied.

Security Zone Checks [Kenyan clients only]

Ensures that the input ID image contains all required security zones for the front and back of old and new ID cards.

Recapture check

Screen Recapture Detection Classifies whether the ID in the input image has been recaptured i.e., captured from another device's screen.

Splice Detection

Determines whether the input image has been spliced and produces a corresponding confidence score and splicing heatmap. Here, splicing refers to adding components from other images to the current image. The confidence score represents the probability that the image has been spliced, whereas the heatmap illustrates the regions within the image which has been identified as spliced.

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