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The Sybrin Identity Web SDK can be used to run data extraction on identity documents. Implementing the web SDK is as easy dropping and referencing the relevant files into your project, then simply using the JavaScript API or the web components supplied by the SDK. In this section we will focus on how to get the Sybrin Identity Web SDK into your project.

Before you begin

Please ensure that you have acquired an API key and endpoints from Sybrin.

Please ensure that you have the following essential files:

  • sybrin.identity.js

  • All files and folders under assets/samples

The following are optional files:

  • index.css

  • index.html

  • index.js

If you are using Typescript, you may make use of the typings found under the src folder.

Project structure

The Sybrin Identity Web SDK is configurable and does not require a specific project structure. You may drop the required files into the root of the project as provided or you can change the folder structure and file locations.

Referencing the web SDK

To load the web SDK and its modules, simply add a script tag with a reference to the sybrin.identity.js JavaScript file to the HTML file of your project:

<script src="sybrin.identity.js"></script>

The above example assumes sybrin.identity.js is located at the root of your project. This can be added to the <head> tag or the <body> tag according to preference.


You are now ready and all set up to use the Sybrin Identity Web SDK! Check out all the Identity Features

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