Release Notes

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1.3.3 - 2021/11/25

Changes & additions

  • Added numeric country code to country selection output. The onCountrySelected events of the country component and the wizard component have been changed to pass down the Alpha-3 country code, the Alpha-2 country code and the numeric country code as parameters in that order.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed wizard component onCountrySelected event only passing the Alpha-3 country code.

1.3.2 - 2021/11/19

Changes & additions

  • Changed the Document Scan Component's internal error handling to always trigger the onScanResult event, even after an onScanError event occurred. While not a breaking change, this could have an external effect on flows where the web SDK has been implemented, specifically where the Document Scan Component's onScanResult and onScanError events are used to manage flow steps.

  • Added configuration to integrate with the companion Sybrin Onboarding API as a middleware proxy when bundled with the web SDK. These configuration options include useIntegrationApi, integrationApiBaseUrl and authToken

  • Added a dataExtractionBodyValues configuration option to pass down additional form body values during the data extraction API call, similar to the dataExtractionHeaders configuration option.

1.3.1 - 2021/11/08

Changes & additions

  • Changed the country select component's onCountrySelected event to additionally pass the Alpha-2 standard country code as a second parameter.

  • Added functionality to retrieve a list of supported country codes in both Alpha-3 and Alpha-2 standards. These are getCountryAlpha3Codes and getCountryAlpha2Codes.

  • Added a useCutout configuration option with a default value of true to toggle whether or not the document cutout should be shown over the video feed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some internal memory cleanup errors.

1.3.0 - 2021/10/21

Breaking changes

  • Renamed the documentDetectionInterval configuration option to videoInterval.

  • Removed the messageCapturingFront and messageCapturingBack configuration options as they are no longer used.

Changes & additions

  • Added compatibility check features, along with messageIncompatible and messageIncompatibleSafari configuration options.

  • Added a tokenTimeout configuration option that determines how long a token is valid and will be reused for before a new authentication call is made.

  • Increased the takePictureDelay configuration option default value from 2000 to 5000.

  • Changed the messagePrepareBack configuration option default value from "Please flip the document over" to "Please flip the document over for rear photo"

1.2.3 - 2021/10/14

Changes & additions

  • Slightly decreased the default front capturing threshold for Philippines drivers licenses.

  • Added debug functionality features, along with recordDebugInfo and debugInfoEndpoint configuration options.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the modal didn't take up the whole screen when the component was hosted in certain containers.

  • Fixed a bug where components didn't share the same API instance when the wizard was initialized without passing one down.

1.2.2 - 2021/09/28

Changes & additions

  • Added an instructionTextPosition API configuration option that allows configuration of where the instruction text is located while the video feed is being processed. The options are "top", "bottom", or "topandbottom".

  • Added a strongly typed ClientInfo class that is now returned by the getClientInfo call.

  • Added more detailed information to be returned from getClientInfo.

  • Added custom header configuration for authentication (authHeaders) and data extraction (dataExtractionHeaders) API calls that can be set using the API configuration options.

  • Changed the default blur text to "Image too blurry" (see messageBlurry under the API configuration options).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred while the video feed was being processed.

  • Fixed a bug where resizing while the video feed is already open would not properly adjust processing areas.

  • Fixed a bug on iPad where the video feed was blank.

  • Fixed a bug on iPad where the video cutout would sometimes not re-render correctly on resize or orientation change.

  • Fixed some exceptions not being handled properly.

  • Fixed styling being applied to some elements too strictly (would have needed to use !important to style said elements before).

1.2.1 - 2021/09/14

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Correlation ID not being passed down correctly

1.2.0 - 2021/09/10

Breaking changes

  • Changed all onBeforeWebcam events to onBeforeScan.

Changes & additions

  • Inverted the video feed when a frontal camera is being used in order to improve the alignment process.

  • Added typings for Typescript. These can be found under the src folder.

  • The library no longer requires sybrin.identity.css to be included and referenced separately for default component styling to take effect. You may still apply overrides using your own stylesheet by referencing a custom .css file after the library.

  • Added a read-only mode to the wizard component which disables all events.

  • Added an option to set request headers for asset retrieval requests.

  • Added a flattenAssets option which results in the library looking for samples in a flat structure instead of nested within folders for each country. To use this, asset file names must manually be moved one level up and prefixed with the country code and a dash. For instance: gha/passport.png changes to gha-passport.png.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the wizard fired the onBeforeStepChanged and onAfterStepChanged events on initialization.

  • Fixed a bug where an error occurred if the SDK was included multiple times.

  • Fixed issue where DocumentScanResult was not being exported from the library.

1.1.0 - 2021/08/19

Changes & additions

  • Added blur detection as well as a configuration option to set the blur threshold.

  • Added lighting detection as well as configuration options to set values and thresholds to use when checking for image overexposure or underexposure.

  • Added version info retrieval functionality.

  • Added client info retrieval functionality.

  • Added instructions page to the document scan component in order to pre-emptively give the user some guidelines on how to ensure a viable document image.

  • Added localization options to document scan component initialization for changing guideline instruction texts.

  • Added useModal configuration option to the document scan component which enables launching the video feed in a modal.

  • Updated wizard component with matching properties for instruction localization and modal usage to pass down to the document scan component upon initialization.

  • Updated the demo application to make use of the newly added client info retrieval functionality and initialize the wizard component to use the newly added modal functionality only when the client environment is not mobile.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with video stream remaining open when using the wizard's back button after the feed had started.

  • Ensured that the video stream always closes when the document scan component is destroyed.

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