The prepare component can be found under the Sybrin.Biometrics namespace and is called PrepareComponent.

Full name: Sybrin.Biometrics.PrepareComponent.

It is a component that provides an initial preparation screen, providing an easy way to view a customizable privacy policy and usage guidelines.

With default styling, the prepare component appears as follows:

Upon clicking "View Our Privacy Policy", the onViewPrivacyPolicy event will fire. Hooking onto this event allows you to react to the button click and show your privacy policy.

Upon clicking "View Guidelines", the component will automatically open a new window and display guidelines for taking a selfie. The onViewGuidelines event will also fire, allowing you to run additional code if needed.

Clicking "Take Selfie" will result in the onTakePhoto event firing, which can then be used as a signal to initialize the passive component, or the device select component first should the user system possess multiple viable video input devices.

If the component is configured to allow for mobile capture and the flow is being executed on a desktop web browser, the "Mobile Capture" button will be available. Clicking on "Mobile Capture" will cause the onMobileCaptureStart event to fire. This can then be used as a trigger to generate a mobile ID and signal for the prepare component to present a scannable QR code and a URL by invoking the initializeMobileCaptureWithId function. This will result in the following:


The prepare component can be initialized using the following code:

<div id='prepare'></div>

The Sybrin Web SDK provides the option to either provide the ID of the element you wish to use for component initialization, or to provide the element directly.

Please note that 'prepare' is just an example in this context and the ID may be changed as desired as long as it matches the value provided during component initialization in JavaScript.

During initialization, the prepare component allows for a number of configuration options that may be provided using an object literal. The parameters that may be used on the object include the following:


  • id (string): ID of the element you wish to use for component initialization. Not required if element is provided.

  • element (HTMLElement): Element you wish to use for component initialization. Not required if id is provided.


  • api (Sybrin.Biometrics.Api): Optionally, the Sybrin.Biometrics.Api instance that the Prepare component should use internally.

  • enableMobileCapture (boolean): A flag that sets whether or not mobile capture should be enabled. If it is set to true and the flow is being executed on a desktop browser, the "Mobile Capture" button will be visible.

  • enableSendSms (boolean): Sets whether or not the "Send SMS" button should be visible when a mobile capture instance is active. Default false

  • readonlyMode (boolean): A flag that sets whether or not the component should be in read only mode. If set to true, button events will be disabled. Default false

  • translations ({ [key: string]: string }): An object literal representing a dictionary lookup that will be used for translating the component. Please see the translations section on this page for a list of all translatable text, as well as the localization page for a detailed description on how to implement localization.

Warning: Initialization will fail if the intended host element does not exist yet.

Always ensure that the initialize function is only called after the DOM is loaded.


The prepare component may be removed from the UI by calling the destroy() function on it.





initialize(): void

Initializes the component's DOM and events.


destroy(): void

Destroys the component's DOM and events.

Set Translations

setTranslations(translations?: { [key: string]: string; }): void

Changes the component's translations to the provided values and updates the DOM accordingly.

Initialize Mobile Capture With URL

initializeMobileCaptureWithUrl(url: string): void

Switches the component to mobile mode with a generated QR code using the provided URL.


The prepare component offers multiple events. To hook onto an event, simply assign a function to it.

The following options are available:

  • onMobileCaptureStart()

  • onMobileCaptureCancel()

  • onSendSms(url: string)

  • onTakePhoto()

  • onViewPrivacyPolicy()

On Mobile Capture Start

This function is invoked when the "Mobile Capture" button is clicked. To hook onto the event, you may use the following code:

component.onMobileCaptureStart = function() {
    console.log('Mobile Capture clicked!');

No parameter is provided to this function call.

On Mobile Capture Cancel

This function is invoked when the "Cancel" button is clicked while the component is in the mobile capture state. To hook onto the event, you may use the following code:

component.onMobileCaptureCancel = function() {
    console.log('Cancel clicked!');

No parameter is provided to this function call.

On Send SMS

This function is invoked when the "Send SMS" button is clicked during a mobile capture session. To hook onto the event, you may use the following code:

component.onSendSms = function(url) {
    console.log('Send SMS clicked! The URL is: ' + url);
    // Do your logic to trigger an API and send the URL to the user here

The url parameter is of type string and contains the unique link that the user must follow to continue with mobile capture.

On Take Photo

This function is invoked when the "Take Selfie" button is clicked. To hook onto the event, you may use the following code:

component.onTakePhoto = function() {
    console.log('Take Selfie clicked!');

No parameter is provided to this function call.

On View Privacy Policy

This function is called when the "View Our Privacy Policy" button is clicked. To hook onto the event, you may use the following code:

component.onViewPrivacyPolicy = function() {
    console.log('Privacy Policy clicked!');

No parameter is provided to this function call.


The prepare component is structured a follows:

<div class="sybrin-biometrics-container sybrin-sdk-container">
    <div class="sybrin-biometrics-halves sybrin-biometrics-prompts-section">
        <div class="sybrin-biometrics-half">
            <div class="sybrin-biometrics-block sybrin-sdk-block sybrin-biometrics-privacy-block">
                <div class="sybrin-biometrics-block-icon">
                <div class="sybrin-biometrics-block-prompt sy-b-translation-1">
                    Your selfie <b>will be encrypted</b> and stored in our digital vault.
                <button class="sybrin-biometrics-block-button sybrin-sdk-block-button sybrin-biometrics-privacy-button sy-b-translation-2">
                    View Our <b>Privacy Policy</b> 
        <div class="sybrin-biometrics-half">
            <div class="sybrin-biometrics-block sybrin-sdk-block sybrin-biometrics-guidelines-block">
                <div class="sybrin-biometrics-block-icon">
                <div class="sybrin-biometrics-block-prompt sy-b-translation-3">
                    Take the <b>perfect selfie</b>.
                <button class="sybrin-biometrics-block-button sybrin-sdk-block-button sybrin-biometrics-guidelines-button sy-b-translation-4">
                    View <b>Guidelines</b> 
    <div class="sybrin-biometrics-container sybrin-sdk-container sybrin-biometrics-qr-section sybrin-hidden">
        <div class="sybrin-biometrics-block sybrin-sdk-block">
            <canvas class="sybrin-qr-canvas"></canvas>
            <div class="sybrin-biometrics-block-prompt">
                <p class="sy-b-translation-36">Using your mobile device, please scan the above QR code or manually navigate to the following URL in your mobile browser:</p>
                <p class="sybrin-biometrics-mobile-capture-url"></p>
                <p class="sy-b-translation-37">The flow will continue after running selfie capture and clicking the "Complete Step" button on your mobile device</p>
            <div class="sybrin-biometrics-button-section sybrin-sdk-button-section">
                <button class="sybrin-biometrics-cancel-qr sybrin-biometrics-flow-button sybrin-sdk-flow-button sybrin-secondary sy-b-translation-38">Cancel</button>
                <button class="sybrin-biometrics-copy sybrin-biometrics-flow-button sybrin-sdk-flow-button sybrin-secondary sy-b-translation-39">Copy Link</button>
                <button class="sybrin-biometrics-send-sms sybrin-hidden sybrin-biometrics-flow-button sybrin-sdk-flow-button sybrin-secondary sy-b-translation-46">Send SMS</button>
    <div class="sybrin-biometrics-button-section sybrin-sdk-button-section sybrin-biometrics-buttons-main">

The classes and elements specified above may be used to freely style the prepare component as desired. To do so, simply create a stylesheet and include it in the project, then style according to the above classes and elements.

Styling implementation example:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css" media="screen"/>
    <div id='component'></div>


This component is affected by the following translation keys:

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